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Baha'i Lore

Baha'i Lore Book Cover

by David Piff

A sociological study exploring the content and function of unofficial lore in a religious community.


 Drawing on nearly two thousand oral and written communications received from more than 400 informants and recorded over a 15-year period, David Piff examines hearsays, rumours, anecdotes, interpretations and speculations shared among members of the Baha'i religion.
Piff's annotated appendix of the lore he has compiled includes hearsays concerning:
* Baha'i practices
* the catastrophe
* the future
* the nations of the world
as well as
* celebrities who are said to be associated with the religion

ISBN: 978-0-85398-441-2

592 pages, index
23.2 x 15.3 cm (9.25 x 6 in)

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