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Lua Getsinger

Lua Getsinger Book Cover

Herald of the Covenant

by Velda Metelmann

The voice of Lua Getsinger as heard through her diaries, letters and talks between 1898 and 1916.


Who was Lua Getsinger? 'The immortal Lua . . . Mother Teacher of the West . . . Herald of the Covenant . . .'

When so many Bahá'ís around the world name their daughters 'Lua' in her memory, why do we know so little about her? This intriguing question drew Velda Piff Metelmann into a fascinating journey of research into the life of this renowned believer and teacher of the Bahá'í Faith whose tireless travels from east to west in the United States, in Europe and in India attracted hundreds to the love of their Lord.

This book makes available for the first time Lua Getsinger's own voice through her letters, diaries and talks between 1898 and 1916. Though fragmented by distance and time, it is a voice that cannot fail to find a response in modern readers.

ISBN: 978-0-85398-416-0

432 pages, 16 illustrations
21 x 13.8 cm (8.25 x 5.5 in)

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