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Ios And The King

Ios and the King Book Cover

By Gail Radley

Illustrated by Susan Reed

 ‘Abdu'l-Bahá recounted to Lua Getsinger, an early American Bahá'í, the age-old stories of Ios, a shepherd, and the king he loved. Each story portrayed the sort of love, loyalty and devotion we are meant to have for God.


Here, Gail Radley has retold the stories for a new generation, their parents and teachers. To help young readers think about the meaning of each story, she has included questions for discussion at the end of the book.                                                

Gail Radley is a popular author of books for children and young adults. Her work includes several novels, picture books, short stories and a poetry anthology.

48 pages 
190 x 120 mm ( 8 x 5 ins)
ISBN 978-0-85398-623-2

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