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Baha'i Parenting Perspectives Book Cover

Baha'i Parenting Perspectives

by Negin and Nima Anvar

Focusing on the spiritual upbringing of children, 30 Bahá’í couples with over 300 years of collective parenting experience answer questions from their own perspective, using the Bahá’í writings as a guide.

Soft Cover
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Conscious Courtship Book Cover

Conscious Courtship

Finding Someone to Love for the Rest of Your Life

by Raymond Switzer

Want to get married? Raymond Switzer approaches the issues with understanding and humour, drawing both on Bahá’í teaching and professional experience as a psychologist.

Soft Cover
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Coral and Pearls Book Cover

Coral and Pearls

Some Thoughts on the Art of Marriage

by Mehri Sefidvash

Reasons why marriages fail to thrive and practical suggestions for keeping our marriages vibrant, joyous and intact.

Soft Cover
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Mindful Matrimony Book Cover

Mindful Matrimony

Enriching Your Marriage for the Rest of your Lives


by Furugh and Raymond Switzer

What does a ‘mindful marriage’ look like? The new reality of marriage in this time of transition is a central theme of this book.

Soft Cover
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Spiritual Mothering Book Cover

Spiritual Mothering

Toward an Ever-Advancing Civilization

Compiled and edited by Rene Knight-Weiler

Essays written by parents around the world on themes vital to every parent and parent-to-be, including ‘The Noble Job of Parenthood’, ‘Love and Nurturing’, ‘Becoming a Non‑Critical Parent’ and ‘Developing Spiritual Capacities’.

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The Brilliant Stars Book Cover

The Brilliant Stars

The Bahá'í Faith and the education of Children

by T Rost

How to assist children to become world citizens.

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Soft Cover
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The Quest Book Cover

The Quest

Helping Our Children Find Meaning and Purpose

by Harlan Carl Scheffler

Drawing on 'Abdu'l-Baha's profound explanations in Some Answered Questions, Harlan Scheffler explores the relationship between the natural world and the non-material world, between science and religion, to propose a scheme of education that will help children find their way in a globalized world now awakening to its spiritual purpose.

Soft Cover
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