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Family Worship

Family Worship Book Cover

compiled by Wendi Momen

A Selection of Bahá’í Prayers for the family.

‘As soon as a Bahá'í family unit emerges, the members should feel responsible for making the collective life of the family a spiritual reality, animated by divine love and inspired by the ennobling principles of the Faith. To achieve this purpose, the reading of the Sacred Writings and prayers should ideally become a daily family activity . . . In this way the friends could make of their families strong healthy units, bright candles for the diffusion of the light of the Kingdom, and powerful centres to attract the heavenly confirmations.’ The Universal House of Justice, 17 April 1981

To assist the practice daily family prayers, Family Worship brings together over 120 Bahá'í prayers for the home, members of the family and for special occasions when the family worships together. Includes prayers for happiness, spiritual progress, unity, marriage, children and parents.

130 pages
17.4 x 11.1 cm (6.8 x 4.4 in)

ISBN 978-0-85398-621-8

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