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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Book Cover

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

A psychosocial and spiritual approach to prevention

by Abdu’l-Missagh Ghadirian

Why do people use drugs? What are drugs a substitute for? Who is most vulnerable to substance abuse? What is the solution?

Soft Cover
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Alzheimer's Book Cover


Observations & Disclosures & Resolutions

by Harlan Carl Scheffler

Harlan Scheffler reflects on the implications of the spiritual reality upon which the physical world is based and on the need for science to acknowledge that reality in order to meet the challenge of Alzheimer's.

Soft Cover
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Getting Old Book Cover

Getting Old

Harlan Carl Scheffler, 92, takes a humorous look at what it is like to get old, then older, and move into a care facility. He reflects on what happens to us as we face idle times and experience the need for special care. And he wonders, ‘What happens next? Is life immortal?’

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Seeking Intimacy in a Diverse Community Book Cover

Seeking Intimacy in a Diverse Community

by Phyllis K Peterson

How the Bahá’í community is learning to develop true intimacy through devotional meetings, reflection meetings and home visits and how it is learning to integrate not only the races but those who are outcast because of mental illness or physical disability.

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5 items found - Page: 1