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A Cry From The Heart

A Cry from the Heart Book Cover

The Bahá'ís in Iran

by William Sears

A poignant account of the horrifying persecution of the Iranian Bahá'ís.

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Why is the largest religious minority in Iran denied legal status and human rights?
Why are its Holy Places and humanitarian institutions destroyed or seized?
Why are the homes, farms and possessions of its members looted, burned, stolen?
Why are its children refused education and hounded by school authorities?
Why are the Bahá'ís in Iran imprisoned, tortured, executed, murdered in terrible ways without fair trial?
Why do Bahá'ís choose to die rather than deny their Faith?
Are these innocent victims important to a world struggling to survive?

A Cry from the Heart gives powerful evidence and frank replies.
William Sears, in his book A Cry from the Heart, has given the Bahá'ís a powerful instrument for the proclamation of the Faith throughout the world. Acquainted at firsthand with the Bahá'í community in Iran which, since 1978, has suffered the loss, twice over, of its National Spiritual Assembly and the persecution, imprisonment, torture and death of many of its foremost believers, a large number of whom were his personal friends, Mr. Sears has been moved to write a scathing denunciation of those responsible for this campaign of genocide. In his inimitable way, he states the facts of their campaign, conveys his own passionate indignation, and stirs in the reader's heart the same love, sorrow and pride which have moved him to pour out his cry on behalf of the heroic Persian Bahá'ís, who are sustaining with such steadfastness the full brunt of this 'savage onslaught'.

224 pages, 12 illustrations, 2 charts
19.8 x 12.9 cm (7.75 x 5 in)

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