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Search For A Just Society

Search for a Just Society Book Cover

by John Huddleston

History of the search for justice and how the global community can be transformed into a just society.


'An important contribution towards achieving a peaceful and just society'
The search for a just society is an ancient one. It recurs throughout history, undeterred by cynicism or past failure. In recent centuries attempts to achieve a better society have become more frequent. A crescendo was reached in the nineteenth century and has continued ever since.

Here is a book which charts the timeless and universal search for a just society. John Huddleston provides a masterly and comprehensive examination of the impulse towards justice which drives human civilization forward. His analysis considers:

-- the role of religion - both western and eastern
-- the role of three major revolutions, in England, America and France
-- movements towards greater political and social equality: the abolition of slavery and serfdom, the emancipation of women, the establishment of democracy and the rule of law
-- efforts to reduce material poverty: trade unions, socialism and the welfare state
-- attempts to move from war to peace: the Congress System, the League of Nations, the United Nations
and he asks 'Where do we go from here?'

Huddleston suggests that the logical successor to the progressive movements of the past is the Bahá'í Faith, with its broad vision, practical approach and accumulated experience. At the same time, Bahá'ís may see these progressive movements as an important part of their cultural inheritance and their Faith as a force which will provide the means to transform the global community into a just society.

John Huddleston is an Englishman born in Cheshire and educated at the University of Manchester where he took a degree in Modern History, Economics and Politics. He was a senior staff member at the International Monetary Fund for more than a decade where he was Chief of the Planning and Budget Division and Assistant Director in the Administration Department. He has travelled to over 70 countries.

Mr Huddleston became interested in social justice at an early age and joined the Bahá'í Faith in 1968. He is married with two children. He has written many articles and two previous books, 'The Earth is But One Country' and 'Achieving Peace by the Year 2000'.

ISBN: 978-0-85398-288-3

528 pages, 3 maps, 12 pages of illustrations
24 x 46 cm (9.50 x 6.35 in)

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