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Occasions Of Grace

Occasions of Grace Book Cover

by Roger White

Poems, portrayals, vignettes and a dash of humour.

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Roger White's new collection brings together a wide selection of poems, portrayals, vignettes and a good dash of White's well-loved humour. It delicately balances a sympathetic portrayal of the strength of the Faith and its adherents with a portrayal of the vagaries of twentieth century life. Truly a portrayal of the new and old world orders.

'Roger White is a world-class poet. He is intellectually gifted, spiritually vigorous, and he has an abundant artistic sense. His poems are full of wit, charm, grace and honesty. One could hardly hope for more.'
Michael Fitzgerald

Hard Cover ISBN: 978-0-85398-345-3

Soft Cover ISBN:978-0-85398-346-0

192 pages
21 x 13.8 cm (8.25 x 5.5 in)

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