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Spiritual Being

Spiritual Being Book Cover

by Happy Dobbs

Here’s an instruction book for your spiritual self.

Every new appliance, from a toaster to a computer, comes with an instruction booklet giving information on how to use it, get the best from it, service it and fix it when it breaks down.
Here’s an instruction book for your spiritual self, containing all the information you need to:

* know about yourself
* develop your potential
* understand your place in the universe
* prevent personal disasters
* solve problems when things go wrong.

Using the Bahá’í writings stories from Bahá’í history and poetry, Happy Dobbs helps us explore our true selves, from our purpose in life to our ultimate destiny.
If you have ever asked yourself the question, ‘Who am I really?’ then this is the book for you!

ISBN: 978-0-85398-415-3

328 pages
23.4 x 17.1 cm (9.2 x 6.75 in)

Soft Cover - £13.95 / $26.95 - Add To Cart

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